What stops a small business in leicester from growing?

May 31

What stops a small business growing?

The Sniper

‘It’ll never work!”, they say.
“What’s the point?”, they whisper.
“You can’t do that.”, they mutter.

Inside you’ve got all these plans, ideas and goals. They are bursting out of you, but there’s that one person, that just doesn’t want you to do things that will help your business grow. They tell you what they believe and mirror it on to you. Their own insecurities, their own fears, their own past experiences, all being dumped on you and your business. It makes you feel afraid. It keeps you in your shell. It makes you retreat into your own head where these thoughts, ideas and goals fester. Sometimes bringing resentment, sometimes bringing pain, and sometimes feeding more inner demons. It’s one of those things that leaves your life and your business looking not quite how you wanted them.

These are snipers. Thought snipers.

Because of their past experiences or their own thought processes and the power that they can wield by shooting down what you want to do, they are, like real snipers with guns, hidden in plain sight. And you don’t know you’re being picked off until it’s too late…like a real sniper.

A client I work with has had that same thing happen to them. Two years ago, I dropped some of my business books off at his house. Shortly afterwards he came to a small business workshop that I was running in Leicester after creating an online course. We met for a coffee shortly afterwards and started talking about his fledgling small business. It quickly became apparent that had a sniper in his life and his business. They were the person that you should turn to for advice, they were part of their inner-circle, but whenever this idea was broached he was always told, “It’ll never work.”

Time and time again. Everyone else could be giving him the green light, but this one, very powerful voice kept telling him, “It’ll never work.” And without getting all psychological on you, I’m fairly certain that somehow, we’ve been programmed to think on or take note more of the negative than the positives. (That’s how Tony Robbins has made a few quid)

It took some convincing, but he chose not to listen to the sniper. It’s been a life changer for him. From £100 to £130,000 in a year. It hasn’t been easy. It’s not a small business now. Repercussions from the sniper, because they know they are being ignored now. You could argue that snipers, for all their time in the shadows of plain sight, really want to be seen, heard and be famous. (I’m sure Kennedy’s real shooter wouldn’t mind the odd bit of attention after all these years.)

Here’s the things that could make a difference….

– Know when there is one about. That negative person in your life. That one that always moans if you only win one million on the lottery and not two. The one that always seems to want to know your business and then dismiss the positive people around you.
– If you’ve got them in your network, go change your network. I run masterminds and have been swept away by the care they show for each other’s business, but also for each other personally. You need that team. Being honest isn’t being a thought sniper if you bothered to sit and listen.
– Be prepared for the repercussions. The sniper is not used to missing and like in all the movies you’ll ever see, the least they want to do is scare you. They’ll be back. With their story of how you’ve moved on to being either a success or a failure…so you tell the story my friend and not them.

This is what stops a small business growing.

I’m telling you now that the client I work with has been quite inspirational and trust me when I say we’ve had some low moments together. But I predict huge things for him and his business in the next 12 months. I’ve seen him in action. The sniper should have used a cannon…it’s the only way they would have stopped him.

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