Are you shouting into the void?

Apr 23

Tough Crowd Tonight…

Been thinking about ‘new audiences’ yesterday and today.
They say “To get what you’ve always got, you do what you’ve always done.” The logic of that is perfectly fine, but when as a business owner do you realise that the audience you have is not what you want or need and does a lack of desire then get in the way to push forward?

It’s an interesting perspective to think about, especially when it comes to Small Business on Social Media. On my personal time line I have removed ‘business’ friends and connections. There are many different reasons, some just seem to appear on my timeline complaining about everything from the weather to their shoes being the wrong shade of grey. Others because they appear to be less than genuine and others because they add little or no value to me as a person. By that I mean, by being connected with them they can offer me no growth personally.

Is that harsh? Maybe. Is it what I feel? Definitely. Have I been connected to them for a while and can’t sell them anything? No, certainly not.

But it does remind me of my previous life when ‘connections’ of the driving school nature, kept asking me, the owner of a successful driving school, a top graded qualified driving instructor and a 30 something, to like their f###ing business page. Just stop a moment. There…right there…you’ve got the wrong audience. Why would I like a competitors business page or a business page that wasn’t even in my geographical area? Why?

Wrong audience. If I was 17 and looking for driving lessons then maybe. If I had just passed my driving test with you, then definitely.

So if you’re in the wrong online groups…leave them, change them.
If you’re connected to people who want to keep you at a level…change the connections.
If you’re going networking and never selling anything…then change your circles.

Comfort is good, but the learning, the growth and the ‘gold’ is outside that zone. So if you’re going to do one thing today, take a moment to reflect on wether you really are talking to your audience as a business owner or wether you’re just talking into a void and wasting your time and effort.

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