Is there such a thing as a nexThe next big thing in business by Marc Ford Business Coach Leicester

Jun 4

The Next Big Thing in Business, Or Is It?

Don’t you just love a ‘New Idea’ in business that actually isn’t a ‘New Idea’ at all?

Some small business owners find themselves sitting there staring blankly out on to life, getting frustrated because they’re not ‘creative’ and haven’t had a ‘new idea’ for ages. The thing is you probably are creative, it’s perhaps that you don’t allow yourself to BE creative. It’s a waste of time and money isn’t it, if you’re not just ‘magically’ creative?

Nope. And being creative isn’t actually as hard as you think.

My retail business background superpowers were tingling again this morning as I sat and read the BBC News website. Waitrose have announced a trial where you can bring your own containers and fill them up with veg, dried pasta and rice, etc… (LINK HERE)

Retail business ‘analysts’, (I know…I can’t work out what their actual credentials are either), say this may well be the ‘next big thing’ in the world of retail. It’s great for the environment. It’s great for the companies as they don’t have to pay for the packaging in the long-term. Transporting the products in more bulk sized containers saves warehouse spacing too. So lots of things going for this great, new idea, yeah?

Except it’s NOT a new idea. It’s an idea that small business owners have been doing for years and years. In fact…do me a favour. Go to your local greengrocer (if you still have one) or the local fruit market and just watch. Apart from the containers in which most of this stuff is delivered, they’ve been tipping stuff into your bags and containers for years. Years! Yet I’ve not seen one analyst or person from the local eco-friendly society encourage people to remember these amazing small business owners that are forgotten heroes.

I went to Barcelona a few years back and even back then in the fruit markets they had made fruit salads to take away in reusable pots. They’d swap them the following day and reuse until the thing probably fell apart. Reducing waste, reducing food waste and providing a healthy snack or meal at the same time.

So back to being creative.
– Creative is not about coming up with the next big thing. It may not even be about coming up with the next small thing. It could just be about doing something a little different. A little change or tweak that means things are just better.
– Allow yourself to be creative. Let’s rephrase this. Give yourself 10 minutes a day, somewhere, anywhere to gain a fresh perspective. Put away the devices and the phones and just allow yourself to think. It’s when you least expect it that stuff suddenly appears.
– Allow yourself to remember that most of the ideas have already been done. We just like to rehash it. Waitrose will do it with nice machines, marketing and fanfare. Your greengrocer has been doing it for years.

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