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Video marketing is one of THE cheapest, fastest and most interactive ways of attracting, retaining and building your customer and client base. We’ll show you everything you need to know in just one day!

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930am and runs to 430pm on Tuesday 21st May 2019


The Conference Room, The Fox Pond, Great Glenn, Leicester. LE24RG

What you and your business will get out of the day:

  • Learn the 10 Cool Tricks You Can Do to Sell Without Selling – Growing your business without selling
  • Understand How to Script and Storyboard Videos – show how much more professional you and your business is without the ‘ramblings’
  • Learn the 10 Cardinal Sins of Making Video’s and Facebook Lives – Avoid the ‘Career-Ender’
  • Know Where and When to Post and What is Expected on that Platform – how you need to be aware of different styles for different platforms but have the same content
  • How Your Mobile Phone and A Little Investment (less than £100) can Add Thousands of £’s to Your Business – Great videos on an e-bay budget
  • Learn about the Simple Apps and Pieces of Software to Edit and Design Your Video’s
  • Learn How 1 Piece of Content Can Be Used UpTo 6 Times for 6 Different Audiences – Minimum effort with Maximum results

Plus EXTRA Bonuses

EVERY Attendee will have the chance to record and own their own professionally filmed 1-minute video to put on their website, social media or showreels.

EVERY Attendee will have access to Richard with his hints and tips on video’s for business via his private, Exclusive Facebook Group.

EVERY Attendee will have the opportunity to access future events at a discounted rate versus, early-bird and full price rates.

EVERY Attendee will be sent a FREE e-book containing hints, tips, ideas and strategies for video in business after the event.

Only 10 Places available – Early Bird Price Finishes April 30th 2019  Save £50

Join Marc and special guest presenter and expert Richard Amor-Wilkes of Rich Wilkes Media to discover the ‘FInal Frontier’ of video marketing.

Marc and Rich have been working together this year to realise the impact that video has on growing a business, educating people, growing a brand, filling events and getting important key messages out to audiences. It’s also fair to say we’ve seen some absolute horror shows of what NOT to do when it comes to video as it has just as significant impact on breaking businesses.

About Your Trainers:

About Richard Amor-Wilkes and Wilkes Media:

After growing his company from scratch, Rich Wilkes Media, he left his high-stress six-figure business to regain some work-life balance and to rediscover his passion for photography and videography.

One of the things Rich learned in his last business is that people buy from people.

“If you customers like you they will buy from you and pay more for your services but to like you they have to get to know you and video is a great way to show the world who you are and what you stand for.”

Rich now uses his knowledge and experience to help business show off their human side to their ideal customers.

Watch a little taste of Rich’s work: HERE

About Marc Ford, Your Best Kept Business Secret:

Marc’s background is setting him on the path to becoming one the UK’s ‘Best Kept Business Secret’s’:

  • Author of 6 Books and hundreds of small business blogs.
  • Creator of the ‘Customer Machine’, helping businesses attract their ideal customers and clients and keep them.
  • Presenter and writer of ‘The Best Kept Business Secret’ Podcaston iTunes
  • Presenter and writer of ‘The Not So Small Business Brunch’ Radio Show
  • Contributor and ‘go-to expert’ on all things ‘SME’ with BBC TV, Radio, Local Radio, Channel 4 and various other news outlets.

His 20-year involvement in retail, retail management to director level as well as starting, running and selling his own successful business over a 5 year period has resulted in:

Increasing sales and profits for companies between 10-24% in less than a year.

Presenting to and training businesses such as Hitachi Capital, Seimens, The Food Standards Agency and Mercedes Benz.

Helping SME’s grow beyond their 3-year plans in 12 months and 5 years inside in 2 years.

Helping grow business from ‘low 5 figure businesses’ to ‘high 6 figure businesses’ and now ‘mid 6 figure businesses’ to ‘seven figure businesses’.

He became a business coach because he was passionate about helping business owners become the best versions of themselves and helping their businesses become the very best that they could be.

His no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point style makes him very different to people who tell you what you want to hear. It’s as-it-is.

He’s been hired by Hitachi Capital, Mercedes Benz, Seimens and The Food Standards Agency and will be working with other major brands this year that he wants to work with, making him one of the UK’s ‘Best Kept Business Secret’s’ by design.

Other Stuff:

Included in the price:

Lunch, tea, coffee and refreshments.

All training materials provided.

(Should you not attend the event or cancel, within 14 days of the event, there is a No-Refund Policy in place)


8 in stock


It’s like having the best kept business secret in your pocket!