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Tips to Beat the Monday Morning Blues, Business Coaching in Leicestershire, with Marc Ford MBA

Jun 24

A Business Coaches Tips to Beat the Monday Business Blues

If you wake up on Monday morning with a groan and struggle to get on with the workday, you may have a case of the Monday blues. There’s no wondering why we hate Mondays – it always seems to sneak up on us, just as we’re starting to relax and enjoy our weekend. While for

Business mastermind groups in Leicester city

Jun 14

Why should Business Owners join a Mastermind Group?

Why should Business Owners join a Mastermind Group? Joining a Mastermind Group is about growing your business and also about giving back and helping others. When I first joined a Mastermind Group I was a little concerned that I would not have as much as some others to contribute to the group but it soon

Being first is always hard in business, Business Coaching by Marc Ford in Leicestershire

Jun 11

Being First is Always Hard in Business

Imagine being proven right, even though you’ve been banging on about things for 10 years and nobody listens? Imagine getting vilified for being correct about a way of looking at things and yet you are called a trouble maker. Imagine that feeling when people secretly whisper in dark corners of the internet positioning you as

Is there such a thing as a nexThe next big thing in business by Marc Ford Business Coach Leicester

Jun 4

The Next Big Thing in Business, Or Is It?

Don’t you just love a ‘New Idea’ in business that actually isn’t a ‘New Idea’ at all? Some small business owners find themselves sitting there staring blankly out on to life, getting frustrated because they’re not ‘creative’ and haven’t had a ‘new idea’ for ages. The thing is you probably are creative, it’s perhaps that

Retail Business Coach Marc Ford in Leicester and the East Midlands

May 31

What’s Gone Wrong With Boots the Chemist?

What’s gone Wrong in Boots? 3 Steps in Boots So your business has been around a while. Some time ago you used to be quite the big thing. You were well known in your field. You made quite a bit of money. And then other people started to do what you do. They started to

What stops a small business in leicester from growing?

What stops a small business growing?

The Sniper ‘It’ll never work!”, they say. “What’s the point?”, they whisper. “You can’t do that.”, they mutter. Inside you’ve got all these plans, ideas and goals. They are bursting out of you, but there’s that one person, that just doesn’t want you to do things that will help your business grow. They tell you

Jamie Oliver Restaurant collapse

May 23

What Went Wrong With the ‘Naked Chef’ and Jamie Oliver’s Restaurants?

As national newspapers, media outlets and the wider public look on at the demise of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain, there feels like there is a burning question. Why? How can one of the ‘nations favourite chefs’ end up mothballing a restaurant business when he’s a millionaire? Well there are many, many reasons, but oddly there

May 1

It ‘aint What You Do, It’s The Way That You Do It…

It ‘aint what you do, it’s the way that you do it….and that’s what…. So recently a client and friend of mine attended an event where they were given the opportunity to speak and tell their story of how they got to where they are right now. He’s a very successful businessman and has changed

What is a third space and where is yours?

Apr 24

What is Your Third Space and Where Is It?

This morning I spent some time in a Leicester Business Networking at an event called the ‘Creative Coffee’, billed as an event where creatives can meet, network and talk about their projects. Today’s guest speaker was Dr Rachel Graham, Reader in Creative Industries, Leicester Castle Business School. Stop yawning…I can hear you yawning. And if

Are you shouting into the void?

Apr 23

Tough Crowd Tonight…

Been thinking about ‘new audiences’ yesterday and today. They say “To get what you’ve always got, you do what you’ve always done.” The logic of that is perfectly fine, but when as a business owner do you realise that the audience you have is not what you want or need and does a lack of

and its not what you think

Apr 22

The Time I Realised I Needed a ‘Little Black Book’

Have you ever thought of a ‘great business idea’ and then when you got home, completely forgotten what it actually was? Have you ever seen something on a night out and thought, “Wow…now I’d like to try that with my business”, only to have a few too many sherbert’s and cant remember for the life

business coach Leicester

Apr 21

I Haven’t Got Time to Plan

A couple of years ago I worked with a small business that was very good at what it did. I’d like to think it was a bit of a dark horse or a best kept secret in it’s industry. But what it wasn’t good at was planning. It was terrible at planning it’s business. The

Mar 25

Can Your Business Be Run as a Democracy?

What better way to honour the great democratic catastrophe that is Brexit, than to answer a question that nobody ever seems to come up with an adequate response to: Should executives and business owners run companies more democratically? Does that help them operate more effectively and attract better talent?  Let’s take a look at how

Growing Your Business with Your Best Kept Business Secret Marc Ford Business Coaching Leicestershire

Jan 22

Grow Your Business Faster – Get Out of Your Siege Mentality

According to Wikipedia, a ‘Siege Mentality’ is, “Siege Mentality is a shared feeling of victimisation and defensiveness—a term derived from the actual experience of military defences of real sieges. It is a collective state of mind whereby a group of people believe themselves constantly attacked, oppressed, or isolated in the face of the negative intentions

Nov 21

5 Reasons You Need To Embrace Video Now and a Word of Warning! 

“Video killed the radio star…video killed the radio star” Did it? Did it really? No of course not, but video is quickly becoming THE go-to method for businesses of any size to market their products and services. At the time of writing this, people all over the country, (maybe even the world), are talking about

Nov 19

Business Owners: 10 Signs You’re Stressed and 6 Things To Do About It

Road Signs Tell You of Danger…Here Are 10 In the last few weeks I’ve been working my backside off. Websites, books, podcasts, speaking, coaching and networking. Not all at the same time, but my days have been very full. Don’t get me wrong I love doing all these things, but there comes a time when

Nov 4

Hustlers, Charlatans and Tony Robbins

Please spare me two minutes of your time…Now I will not take credit for most of this piece, but I always like to share things that I think are relevant and have something to provoke thought. On a recent trip to the not so sunny country that is Scotland, I shared driving duties with my

Nov 3

What Do I Do?

I want to talk about something that can help you grow you and your business and also clear up some misconceptions about what I do as an individual.

Nov 2

Dear You…

Dear You, I’m writing to you from the future and want to tell you how successful you’ve been… Many psychologists know that it’s much easier to describe something that has already happened than to describe something that is going to happen in the future.

Nov 1

Who’s In Your Success Team?

Many years ago, Henry Ford, (no relation, but right now I’ll take it), founder of Ford Motors, was involved in a libel trial with a Chicago Newspaper that accused him of being ‘ignorant’. In an attempt to prove their case, the lawyers for the newspaper put Mr Ford on the stand and asked him a series of questions designed to ‘prove’ their assertion he was indeed ignorant.

Oct 30

12 Strategies To Boost Sales…Now!

A few years back, when you had a product or service to sell what did you do to get the word out? You tried press releases, television ads, paper ads, cold calls, banner ads, display hoardings and any other means you could afford. Business went to those who had the largest marketing budgets.


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