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Nov 4

Hustlers, Charlatans and Tony Robbins

Please spare me two minutes of your time…Now I will not take credit for most of this piece, but I always like to share things that I think are relevant and have something to provoke thought.

On a recent trip to the not so sunny country that is Scotland, I shared driving duties with my partner Jemma. On a two hour stint of passenger seat residence, I got stuck into a book written by Ryan Blair, called ‘Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain. How I Went from Gang Member to Multimillionaire Entrepreneur’. I can’t even remember why I bought it. I got it through Amazon and it’s a signed copy, but apart from that…no…no idea how I heard about him or his book.

And whilst listening to the fifteenth track from my childhood on Absolute 80’s, it happened…Chapter 3 happened. It was quite amazing really. Here was an American guy, with a shitty childhood and upbringing as well as one of those guys who turned multi-millionaire success story, actually speaking to me in a chapter. I mean really speaking to me. As if he wrote it just for me.

He tells the story where he was lucky enough to attend an event dedicated to the King of Personal development, Jim Rohn. (If you don’t know who he is, firstly, stop reading this. Secondly, go look him up on YouTube and get educated.) It was an event that had the ‘Titans’ of Professional Development such as Brian Tracy, (not the Thunderbird), Les Brown, Dr Denis Waitley, Mark Victor Hansen and…Tony Robbins. All there to celebrate a retrospective of Rohn’s work, making personal growth and common sense marketable. All of them were on their ‘A’ game, delivering their best as there would always be an air of competition. Impressive and famous line-up yeah?

Then came his ‘killer verdict’…”I felt as if I were watching the end of era. This must have been what it was like when my parents saw the end of their parent’s music. You know how songs used to be all dreamy about good times and happy days, when musicians sang the music you wanted to hear, not the music their souls needed to release?” WOW! Ouch!

But he was right. How many generations have listened to these guys? How many have bought tapes and CD’s with Tony Robbins booming voice telling you how to sort your shitty little life out? How many have been firewalking…and just got dirty feet? How many have listened to these guys telling you that if you do this, that and tuther you will have a perfect life? When in actual fact, they are selling you the ‘dream’ of a perfect life, unimaginable wealth and eternal happiness?

Like Blair, I’ve seen ‘speakers’ sell the room. By selling the room I mean that they have sold hundreds even thousands of pounds worth of stuff…before they’ve even told you what it is they are selling. And what do people really, genuinely get for spending their life savings and/or trashing the limit on a credit card? What value did they really get?

There are many out there that call themselves a ‘motivational’ or ‘inspirational’ speaker…before they’ve even delivered a keynote. Hell in this chapter of the book, even me, as a coach gets thrown into this mix. And I guess I can’t disagree. Many, many times I have said coaches need supervision. Only today I’ve heard of yet another local business going to the wall having worked with a high profile coach. I can’t apportion blame, but I’m sure seeing photos of their coach sunning themselves halfway around the world, posting about their perfect lifestyle having charged them £1500 a month for the last twelve months and the client can’t afford their mortgage anymore, probably makes the pill even harder to swallow. There are many, including me at my worst, that you wouldn’t want to trade places with if you knew their real lives. Hell, I’ve been called many, many names because I was honest about how hard I fell. Life isn’t always the bed of roses some make out. Success isn’t selling guaranteed, 12 step processes that will make you an overnight sensation and a millionaire. Claiming you were instrumental in someone else’s achievements isn’t proof of happiness or the perfect lifestyle.

But he leaves the chapter with rules for success. And I’ll share five of them with you, because they absolutely are the truth. The real truth. And if you want to be better, be the best version of yourself, grow your business, have more time with family and friends, go on dream holidays, drive a nice car or just have the money to live comfortably and not worry about the bailiffs, then take a look at these, because they are the truth behind everything you do…

1) Work your ass off.
2) Don’t ever give up.
3) You’ll survive. No matter how bad it is – It’s never as bad as it could be.
4) Remember you are never safe. Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there. – Will Rogers
5) Go BIG; have FUN. If not, you’ll either quit, die unhappy, or have a midlife crisis and blow the lot!


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