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Jun 11

Being First is Always Hard in Business

Imagine being proven right, even though you’ve been banging on about things for 10 years and nobody listens? Imagine getting vilified for being correct about a way of looking at things and yet you are called a trouble maker. Imagine that feeling when people secretly whisper in dark corners of the internet positioning you as an idiot when in fact you’re probably the smartest person in the room.

Would feel like crap right? Is it worth it? Why do I bother? And all those other questions and statements…

I’ve just been listening to the ‘Tuffers and Vaughan’ Show on repeat from BBC Radio 5 Live About the Cricket World Cup. Last week they interviewed Jos Butler, England Wicketkeeper/Batsman and one of the best players in the world right now. (Sorry if you’re not into cricket, but just bare with me.) In his interview he tells his perspective of how being able to play around the world, in different international one day tournaments, talking to different coaches about the game and watching some of the best players in the world, has benefited him and in turn the team. He’s what’s known as a ‘Bar Cleaner’ of a player. When he walks out to bat, the bars in the stadium empty out so they can watch him.

Be The Bar Cleaner

Oddly it was another ‘Bar Cleaner’, Kevin Pietersen, that vociferously argued that England players should be playing in the ‘Big Bash’ or the ‘IPL’, both big money one-day, action packed leagues. The establishment thought he was a trouble maker. The establishment didn’t want to let their players go to these leagues for experience or to earn the money that was on offer. The ‘we’ve always done it this way’ thought processes were in place. And England? After their last World Cup game, were classed as one of the WORST teams in the world. Next week we start the World Cup as the favourites. What a turn around. The difference? The England players playing in the various different leagues around the world.

Someone joked last year, that whenever I do a presentation or a business workshop, I always try to squeeze in Simon Sinek’s ‘Reason Why’ and his ‘Golden Circles’ (Search it on YouTube). I know it has made a MASSIVE difference to some of the businesses that I’ve worked with over the last 5 years. And for some of those coaches who think I’m not a coach, or uncouth because I use a swear word or two…(sign of creativity and intelligence according to scientists), I now find it hilarious that you’ve started portraying it as something new and like you ‘own the idea’. I’ve always given credit where credit is due and it sure as hell ‘aint my idea.

So if you feel you’re in that position that you are slightly ahead of your time, do these three things…

– Don’t worry about it, it’s just time and mental health wasted on people that don’t deserve it.

– Be true to it. Reassess where you want to take what you’re doing and how can you get your message out there to like minded people?

– Be prepared to eat humble pie…one day I will…just haven’t been proven wrong yet! 😉 (Remember I was the guy that called BHS, Carillion, Toys R Us and Debenhams…but I was told I was wrong then too!)

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