“Marc brings a fun approach to a serious business message. A true edutainer.”
Brad Burton, UK’s #1 Motivational Speaker and 4N Networking Founder

“I rarely give speaker testimonials because speakers can be very up and down with their message and content, however in Marcs’ case I am going to make an exception. When I first heard Marc speak I was impressed with his depth of knowledge and passion, he actually was speaking from experience. Marc is a very special speaker and he has the ability to communicate on many levels. I have no hesitation in recommending him”
Croz Crossley, The Mindset Technician, Author and Speaker

“Marc entertained and informed over 100 colleagues for us. Not only were there some valuable 'take-aways' for the audience, we noticed a remarkable change in attitude towards their aspect of the business; increasing value, appointments and in-turn, sales.” Mark Born, Training Manager, Mercedes Benz

“We had heard Marc speak at national conferences and events which is why we approached him to deliver training workshops to our employees. The workshops got our employees fully engaged and up to speed with the latest developments in our industry. Marc's energy, enthusiasm and drive make him an excellent public speaker and a must-have for anyone running an event who wants an impactful session within the programme.”
Jemma Redden, Hitachi Marketing and Sales Manager

“Making small businesses more businesslike is what Marc Ford excels at. Marc works with a diverse range of businesses to help them build a structure for success so they can not only grow, but grow profitably and sustainably. Ideas you can turn into action, actions which will turn a profit, Marc offers practical and pragmatic advice-rather than buzzwords and BS.”
Carly Brookfield CEO of DIA and other Companies

“What can I say? Marc has a set of skills that nobody in our team has. We're not a bad lot, but business acumen, hunger to exceed customer expectations and the ability to shout about the good stuff we're doing were somehow lacking.So we're lucky that we are now tapping into his skills. We see Marc as a very rare talent and are working with him on all sorts of happiness, wellbeing and 'brilliant' projects. He has a lovely mix of technical skills, business nouse, drive, enthusiasm and (most crucially) he's a thoroughly nice bloke who wants to make a difference ”
Dr Andy Cope, Best Selling Author and Happiness Expert at Art of Brilliance

“What can I say Marc Ford MBA super genius. I have worked with Marc on my business. Tapping him up for business advice and attending various one-day courses. I can't recommend him enough. He has helped me untangle lots of business ideas and focus on what I do best. If he thinks your barking up the wrong tree he will tell you and point you in the right direction. He isn’t your typical business coach do this and that, his first focus is you, as you are the business. ”
Kalpesh Modha, Founder Opmen Software

“Marc has a unique style of business coaching. Rather than wear a cheap suit and hide behind a franchise, Marc wears a white t-shirt, swears a lot and tells you what he really believes, rather than what a 'one size fits all' model tells him to say. As well as being a client of Marcs, I have recommended several local business people consider using his services. While some initially were concerned having been used to the 'C&A suit brigade' of business coaches but were quickly won over by the results they saw produced by Marcs coaching. The bottom line spoke loudest.”

“If you are considering using a business coach to take your business to the next level, I would highly recommend you pick up the phone to Marc Ford”
James Blacklaws CEO of JB Commercial Finance

“Marc says it as it is and is usually correct. He has a keen business brain. He can take an idea from concept to completion. He creates workshops that drive ideas in teams and individuals. He’s a business coach who is different from the usual suspects. His honest and straightforward approach is refreshing in an industry that all too often follows the same old lines. ” Craig Preedy, Business Owner, Herefordshire

“Marc's approach is very different to that of a "normal" business coach. Goodness, he doesn't even dress the way you'd expect a business coach to dress. But that's what's so great about him. He's his own man and is brave enough to do things his own way. And it works! He's got me to step out of my comfort zone (with a lot of nagging on his part!) and do things that I would rather not do but am glad I've done. And the best thing is that he cares. He really believes in the people he works with and is always at the end of a phone if ever you need to talk. Having that support is invaluable when you're a small business owner.”
Margot Clarke, Clarke Consultancy

“Since working with Marc I have a much clearer idea of what I'm doing and (more importantly) why I'm doing it.

My marketing is much improved, in terms of what we're doing and where. My mindset has improved and I feel more confident than ever about growing the business.

I really value Marc's No-BS approach to how business should work and have no problem in recommending Marc to anyone who is serious about growing their business.”
Karl Craig-West Buzz Designs and Leicester Business Expo


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