About Marc

I’m Marc Ford and quite possibly Your Best Kept Business Secret… business coach, author and media commentator that will help you monetise, grow and market your business better than it is right now.

Quite a bold statement that…

In the last 5 years I’ve been worked with business owners and entrepreneurs that have ground to a halt in their business growth. Small business owners and start-ups that are struggling to get the maximum amount of sales and profit from their businesses week in, week out. Medium business and corporate management teams, struggling to get their marketing messages heard in amongst the noise of their competition.

These business owners, entrepreneurs and management teams have been missing key details and forgetting to focus on the things that can really make a difference to sales numbers, profit numbers and marketing spends. It’s leaving them making mis-step after mis-step, mistake after mistake and losing ground to their competitors. These businesses were ‘existing’ rather than growing or making a difference to their customers.

How My Experience Can Help You

I spent 15 years in corporate businesses, working for some of the largest businesses in the UK, making a lot of shareholders, directors and owners an awful lot of money. I then spent 5 years starting, running and selling my own business in a crowded industry. In those 20 years I’ve found the simple strategies that actually work and how to implement it to generate returns on investment. And I’ve also found what doesn’t work having spent 9 months ‘on the bench’ due to burnout, wasting time, money and resources. I’ve had the highs of a business owner and the lows of ones that struggle, so now I help business owners and their teams achieve bigger goals, larger profits, greater customer numbers and help them build something sustainable, manageable and growth ready for the future.

I’m not your typical business coach. One size really DOES NOT fit all and each business and it’s owner are as unique as their thumbprint. I’m a straight-talking, experienced, successful business owner who cares, encourages and challenges you and your business to be it’s best version of itself. But don’t take my word for it, check out my testimonials from other business owners, sales and marketing directors, who have all grown their businesses with my support.

It’s simple to become a profitable, growing and successful business if you are willing to take on the lessons I share and understand there are no such things as silver bullets.

Based in Leicester, one of the most diverse cities in the UK, I’m also a business commentator for TV and radio outlets such as BBC News, Channel 4, BBC national and local radio; a speaker for corporate companies such as Siemens, Hitachi, The Food Standards Agency and Mercedes Benz and now European Editor for The Small Business Growth Magazine.

Your Next Step to Monetising, Growing and Marketing Your Business

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