Tips to Beat the Monday Morning Blues, Business Coaching in Leicestershire, with Marc Ford MBA

Jun 24

A Business Coaches Tips to Beat the Monday Business Blues

If you wake up on Monday morning with a groan and struggle to get on with the workday, you may have a case of the Monday blues. There’s no wondering why we hate Mondays – it always seems to sneak up on us, just as we’re starting to relax and enjoy our weekend. While for most of us, Monday is the least productive day of the week, it really doesn’t have to be.

Start your Monday on Sunday night.

The reason Mondays are so hard is because of the shift in attitude and lifestyle that happens over the weekend. We move into personal mode on the weekend. Having to ramp up again can feel overwhelming as you anticipate the mountain and having to climb it again at the start of the week. While you may want to suck up every last bit of freedom on Sunday night, taking a couple of minutes to mentally prepare for the week ahead can help you overcome the Monday blues. Meditate, switch off all devices, read a book. Go to bed earlier. 

Start prioritising.

Make a list of tasks to do on Monday on Friday and schedule them into your calendar as the first things to do in the day. Rather than starting the workweek with a blank slate, reminding yourself of the priorities for the day can help you avoid getting stuck in the busy-ness that can at times be overwhelming on Monday morning. Scheduling a team meeting to go over the priorities for the week can help everyone get into work mode and fight off the Monday blues. Lead with energy, gusto and positivity. It’ll make it easier for you and everyone around you. 

Start the day with something that gives you energy.

Going for a run or hitting the gym first thing Monday morning gets your body moving and creates positive energy to begin your day. Having the Monday blues doesn’t mean you hate your job, nor does it mean you’re depressed. It’s more about being stuck and not yet in the momentum of the work week. Doing an activity that ramps up your energy can help put you back in the right headspace to be productive. I’ve already been for a walk this morning!

Reconnect with colleagues.

If you run into the office and hit your desk first thing Monday morning, consider doing a social call first. Just having that water cooler conversation sometimes can be a motivator to get in and get started because you’re looking forward to the social time rather than sitting down at your desk and cracking on with stuff. BUT be mindful that you can also waste your entire morning by doing just that too!

Get a mentor.

If your Monday blues are chronic, it may be a symptom of a larger problem. Entrepreneurs, especially those who work alone, find a mentor to speak with about business goals and issues. It allows you to have another perspective and some accountability. A bad case of “the Mondays” could just be a symptom of feeling overwhelmed. Finding a mentor to help you work through those underlying issues could help get rid of the blues.


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