Nov 21

5 Reasons You Need To Embrace Video Now and a Word of Warning! 

“Video killed the radio star…video killed the radio star”

Did it? Did it really? No of course not, but video is quickly becoming THE go-to method for businesses of any size to market their products and services. At the time of writing this, people all over the country, (maybe even the world), are talking about ‘THAT’ Elton John Christmas advert that is either selling his movie next year or a £1000 piano that is available nowhere. And from this style of video, it’s spawned different types of story telling from the man who listens to his mother gone before him on an old Walkman to the old fella that gets a PornHub voucher for Christmas. Video is powerful and by 2020 will be even more powerful as Facebook suggests that most of its traffic will be video by then.

So why should you, the small business owner get out of that comfort zone and become a part-time presenter, writer, director and producer for your business?

1 True Reflection of Your Business personality

If I were to stick 100 of you and your competitors in a room and ask “What Do You Do?” I’d be fairly certain that I’d get almost word for word the same words coming out of everyone’s mouths. We all do it. Even business coaches. It’s what I like to call “cliche bingo”. We think it’s what the public want to hear. Nope. No they don’t. Probably the best ways to attract your ideal clients is to show off your personality, your thoughts, your ideas, your strategies and the quickest way to get to know you, your personality and wether we like you or not as a person. But as it may well be difficult to meet you, especially if you sell products half way around the globe, the next best thing is video. 

Based on ‘Know, Like and Trust’, it’s infinitely easier to show who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you do it through the means of a short video that can be watched anytime, anywhere and pretty much on anything…even the toilet.

This leads me on to…

2 Instant ways to comment and connect

Chris Ducker, Entrepreneur and founder of the Youpreneur movement talks avidly in his book, ‘Rise of the Youpreneur’, about being your own media company.

You are in charge of what goes out there, to whom and when. We all feel comfortable when we can put a face to the name or the voice, (we’ve all said it when we’ve met someone we know of…), and by putting video out there we can put a face or a company to the thoughts and ideas of someone. When people are ‘throwing buns’ at each other in a Facebook comment fight, one of the best ways to break it up is do a video. If it’s something you believe in, you can comment instantly on something. It’s just a development on 24hr rolling news, except it’s your opinion. You can do it anywhere, anytime and for anything. You can mix the negatives with the positives and people connect with you because they see you as ‘real’. That’s why I said positives and negatives…no trusts someone who’s always positive, (you know the ones that post “You Can Do It!” shitty memes everywhere all day everyday?), or people who are always ‘negative’, because they just end up avoiding them!

3 Easiest way for things not to get misinterpreted

Whenever you’ve had a row with your partner or spouse, for some reason it boils down to a text argument. Gone are the days when you waited till you got home had a shouting match and then got on with stuff. One person is usually trying to be reconciliatory but then you send ‘that message’ that makes it worse even though it wasn’t what was intended. It wasn’t nasty or horrible, it’s just that it can be read a number of different ways and ‘Sod’s Law’ suggests that they’ve read it the ‘other way’.

With video there is less chance of that happening because if you speak naturally the right inflection is put on the right word at the right time for a sentence to mean the right thing. Don’t believe me?

Try saying this sentence and see how many different ways you can say it…”I love you”.

4 Cheap – Everyone has a mobile phone

We are currently in the middle of what could be called a technology revolution. I don’t think we realise how lucky we are right now or the effects it will have on our futures as technology gets quicker, faster, smarter and smaller.

The mobile phone in your hand, unless you’ve got a Nokia brick, is now more powerful than the computers that sent men to the moon and back.

So we all have our very own film studio in our hands  to create a home movie or a masterpiece. All for the price of a mobile phone contract. Stands, tripods, microphones, lenses, and editing software are as cheap as chips and you really don’y have to be a Speilberg to get started. If anything…it helps…

5 A huge ‘search engine’

Did you know that ‘YouTube’ is in fact the second largest search engine in the world next to Google? No? neither did I till I saw a video on it, but it’s true.

People LOVE ‘How to…’ videos or “What Do I Do…?’ videos. They can’t get enough. I’m even working with a company that makes sex toys and show people how they make them. There…that shut you up. But how bloody cool is that? And all done for next to nothing but absolutely drives traffic to their website and social media platforms. (Too many innuendo’s in there to be honest, but it’s true!).

Every business solves a problem, and videos can solve a potential customers problems faster than most.

And now the…

Word of Warning!

For all the good videos do, they can be career enders at the same time. We’ve all seen them. The video’s that someone goes on such a rant, that ‘their opinion’ turns them into a ‘ranting twat’. 

Easy to avoid if you remember you are always representing your brand and business. Photos, blogs and videos…be careful…what you do today may well be dragged up and hit you over the head!

So Reasons to do video 5: Reasons not to do video 1.

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It’s like having the best kept business secret in your pocket!