Quite Possibly Your Best Kept Business Secret

Monetising, Growing and Marketing Your Business - Making No Secret of Success

Your Best Kept Business Secret when it comes to Monetising, Growing and Marketing Your Business

Marc Ford MBA will certainly become ‘Your Best Kept Business Secret’ when it comes to monetising, growing and marketing your business.

He is quickly becoming known as one of the most sought after motivational, dynamic, results driven and entertaining business coaches for small business, retail and professional business owners looking to monetise, grow and market your business in Leicestershire and the East Midlands.

For over 2 decades he has studied the skills and tricks of achievement and then collaborated with businesses and their leaders in boardrooms and offices so he can translate theory into genuine business growth for you and his clients

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Warning – Marc is NOT a Typical Business Coach

Marc realises that one size really DOES NOT fit all and you and your business are as unique as your thumbprints.

This means that your business, whether it’s a retail, restaurant, professional or small business and it’s team, will need a unique set of solutions to help you monetise, grow and market your business.

He’s also built and sold his own successful business (where many “business coaches” haven’t) and this helps him understand how important making the right decisions at the right times are for your business and your bank balance.

He’s straight-talking, experienced, successful business owner who cares, encourages and challenges you to be your best version.

Marc makes business coaching affordable (it really doesn’t have to cost the earth), through 1-2-1 business coaching, group coaching, Leicester and national based events, workshops, books, worldwide podcasts, blogs, videos and now as European Editor of ‘The Small Business Growth Magazine’.

It’s simple to become an expert business if you are willing to take on the lessons Marc wants to share with you.

Based in one of the most diverse cities in the UK, Leicester, Marc is also a business commentator for TV and radio outlets such as BBC News, Channel 4, BBC national and local radio, a speaker for corporate companies such as Siemens, Hitachi, The Food Standards Agency and Mercedes Benz.

Monetising, Growing and Marketing Your Business - Making No Secret of Success