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Marc Ford, The Best Kept Business Secret (probably anywhere), brings you motivational business speaking in his humorous, up-front and honest way.


Marc is regularly asked to provide thoughts and content on important business stories by the BBC News (BBC Breakfast and the BBC News Channel), BBC Worldwide and Channel 4. He's also appeared regularly on BBC Radio 5 Live, ('Wake Up To Money' and 'Afternoon Edition'), and BBC Local Radio (Nationwide and various shows).


Some of the conversations he has had in the public domain have changed peoples lives. Turning both themselves and their businesses around, based on his own 25+ years of business experience and personal stories. 



What Does Marc Talk About?

The honest answer is anything that can help grow, motivate and add value to the business audience...but here are the three keynote presentations he is famous for...


"I grew up and became my Dad..." - An honest, emotional and hard-hitting presentation on the effects of what stress, anxiety and depression can do to business owners and their teams, but how support and openness not only saved a business but saved a relationship and someone's life.


"Stop being THE Expert and become THE Expert Business..." - We are all told that people buy from people. We are told that it all boils down to know, like and trust. But EVERYONE knows that. So how do you look to become head and shoulders above those in the same industry, same business or same niche? I'll tell you...and it's easier than you think!


"How NOT to kill your business..." - Gerald Ratner. Philip Green. Woolworths. Toys R Us. All have something in common...they all made fatal mistakes when it came to their customers. So how do you avoid falling into the same traps and become loved by your customers rather than forgotten?


Marc Like's To Do It 'His Way'


Marc has an MBA and has successfully run his own business. Apparently, both are quite rare when it comes to business coaches. So when it comes to speaking, he also has a personality that isn't afraid to push people's boundaries, buttons and pre-conceived ideas. Apparently, this is also rare when it comes to business speakers.


  • He talks honestly, openly and humorously about...Stresses, strains and mental health in running or working in a business to getting more sales and customers to getting a standing ovation by 600 people dressed as a camel! He helps you see what you're doing right now, from a fresh, very different and freeing perspective. And it WORKS!


  • But he's not just a speaker and business coach. Marc has appeared on numerous Radio and TV shows as well as writing 4 books, (more on the way!) with 5 Star Amazon Reviews, hosts his own radio and podcast show for businesses as well as creating his own workshops and events.


  • Back in 2012, Marc created a new, industry-standard event for a niche industry, that resulted in motivation, improvements in working practices and incomes for those that attended. He's also appeared on stage with Perry McCarthy, (Speaker, Entrepreneur, 'BBC Top Gear's original Stig' and Racing Driver), Ruth Badger, (Speaker, Entrepreneur and BBC's 'The Apprentice' Runner-Up) and Danielle Brown MBE, (Para-Olympic Gold Medalist and International Motivational Speaker).


  • Marc has worked with major companies such as Mercedes Benz UK and Hitachi UK; spoken to national industry bodies such as the DIA, (Driving Instructors Association), ran sell-out workshops at the Leicester Business Festival and regularly can be found doing "short and sharp" 20 minute presentations for the 4N Network.


  • No two presentations are the same. No copy and paste motivational lines. No one leaves without something for them to take away and get on with. And he's proud of that!






















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