BlogBlogYour Children Will Never Do Your Job

Your Children Will Never Do Your Job

Your Children Will Never Do Your Job

BBC News: Instagramers Become Entrepreneurs

Your Children Will Never Do Your Job

Perhaps that’s not strictly true, but there is a massive slice of truth in the above statement.

My son is 14. 6ft tall. Taller than me. A better social life than me and has flowing blonde hair. Git. He has his whole life ahead of him.

He also has his whole career ahead of him. Actually...what career will that be? He’s doing his GCSE’s at present. His academy starts them a year earlier than most schools. I had a heated discussion with him and his mum about his options. I won. Now I shouldn’t be pleased that we argued but my argument was a principled one. And it started at a different school...

I was asked to go to a Private School along with representatives of twenty other businesses where we were to give them mock interviews, so that there was some practice for interviews with University boards. Things that struck me on that day that led me to putting my foot down with my son: 1) Out of the 7 I’m interviewed, I’d have only employed 2; 2) Out of 7 only 1 had a weekend job; 3) Their work experience centred around working in an office somewhere because they had to (and usually a pal of the parents) and 4) Although they were going to Uni, not one of them could tell me what their first job or business would be after they’d finished. Some wanted to study history, because they liked it. Others geography. But wouldn’t it be a waste of 3 years as they had no idea what they’d do afterwards?

Then a bombshell from my son. “What would you like to do when you finish school, college, etc...?” , “Be a YouTuber.”

You could have knocked me over with a selfie stick.

A what? He explained...

Then it occurred to me. He is going to do something that you or I have not even heard of yet. There will be jobs and business opportunities we’ve never thought of, because the old rules of business no longer apply. You don’t have to have shops or anything physical to sell if you don’t want to. There will be technology that we’ve never thought of and probably won’t know how to use. Mind blown!

The argument I had? He and his mum wanted him to do all three arts. Well...sorry...I’ve never met a rich artist. So we compromised. He’s doing photography, graphic design and business studies. I figured he might as well know how to style things creatively, but have more knowledge of how to start or run a business. And even if it’s not his business, he’ll know how to be integral to its success.

His report says if carries on doing what he’s doing at business studies, he’ll get the equivalent of an A*. 

Chip off the old block then...

Inspired by BBC News: Instagram stars: From influencers to entrepreneurs

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