Your Business is from Mars and Marketing is from Venus



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Your Business is from Mars and Marketing is from Venus


Have you ever said…?


’Nobody wants to listen to me!’ - ‘I have nothing new to say!’ - ‘Why bother anyway?’ - ‘What if they judge me?’ - ‘Everything I want to say somebody else already does!’ - ‘Who am I to put myself out there?’


Does this sound familiar and bit too close to home? 


You know that all these thoughts are hurting your profits and they are stopping you from making the impact you really want to make.  There’s a mental block and it just doesn’t seem to move or shift. It can be scary to show up every single day-just to make your business work.


The reality is that FEAR IS HOLDING YOU BACK.


Fear of being judged - Fear of ridicule - Fear of failure - Fear of success - Fear of ‘insert whatever comes to your brain right now!


That pesky fear of being seen...


And when you think you’re ready to fight through the fear, just speaking up (aka Marketing) for your business can be tough...


Where to start? 


How to do it? 


There is so much noise out there…the ‘how to’s’, the ‘best practise’, the ‘proven template’…you’re kinda feeling overwhelmed with it all! 



Join us for this 1 day hands-on workshop and learn how to own and share your message so that you can make the impact you KNOW you have the power to make. 


  • Let go of all of the reasons which hold you back from showing up on a consistent basis by creating a system which works for you (because you don't want to be a rehearsed copy of somebody else).

  • Step into new levels of comfort zones to grow your business on your terms (and prove all the naysayers wrong who said it can't be done!). 

  • Use your message and incorporate it into your marketing by shouting out smarter, not louder (after don't want to compete with all that noise out there!).

  • Gain confidence and conquer that pesky fear of being seen - once and for all.

  • How to use your message to engage your ideal clients, so they get to know you, learn to love you and beg to buy from you (who doesn't want that!).


You'll walk away from this workshop with an actionable plan of attack which you can implement straight away to finally see a return on your time, energy and sanity investment to market your business. 


Will that guarantee your overnight success? No. Of course.

All of this takes time. And consistency. And courage. But it’s not rocket science either!


The trainers: 


The International ‘Business Wizard’ brings one of the UK’s ‘Best Kept Business Secret’s’ together for an energising, rewarding and motivational days workshop.


Sandra Pilarczyk


Sandra Pilarczyk (pronounced PEELARZEEK), The ‘Business Wizard’ is an international mentor to introverted business owners around the world assisting them in creating and leading sustainable businesses on their own terms, and helping them to share their authentic messages, backed up with powerful, sound business strategies. She walks her talk being a 100% introvert herself. 


marc ford business disruptor and the best kept business secret


Marc Ford’s background is setting him on the path to becoming one the UK's 'Best Kept Business Secret's':


    •    Author of 4 Books and hundreds of small business blogs.

    •    Creator of the 'Customer Machine', helping businesses attract their ideal customers and clients and keep them.

    •    Presenter and writer of 'The Best Kept Business Secret' Podcast on iTunes

    •    Contributor and go-to expert on all things 'SME' with BBC TV, Radio, Local Radio, Channel 4 and various other news outlets.



His 20-year involvement in retail, retail management to director level as well as starting, running and selling his own successful business over a 5 year period has resulted in:


    •    Increasing sales and profits for companies between 10-24% in less than a year.

    •    Presenting to and training businesses such as Hitachi Capital, Mercedes Benz and Asda Walmart

    •    Helping SME's grow beyond their 3-year plans in 12 months and 5 years inside in 2 years.

    •    Helping grow business from 'low 5 figure businesses' to 'high 6 figure businesses'.



He became a business coach because he was passionate about helping business owners become the best versions of themselves and helping their businesses become the very best that they could be.

His no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point style makes him very different to people who tell you what you want to hear. He says as-it-is.

He's been hired by Hitachi Capital, Mercedes Benz and will be working with other major brands this year that he wants to work with, making him one of the UK's 'Best Kept Business Secret's' by design.



Date: 23/5/18

Time: 930-1630

Venue: mour Hotel, Lake View Drive NG150EA Nottingham




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