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Who Controls Your Business Image?

Who Controls Your Business Image?

Who controls your business image?


Believe it or not, there are companies that specialise in controlling corporate image. These are generally used by large organisations, such as hotel chains, big banks and other brands.


Being a small to medium or a startup business, this isn’t going to happen. So you must decide what the image is, what it needs to convey and who is going help you do it. Just as importantly who is going to keep it looking the same across all the channels that you use? From social media to websites; from brochures to letterheads; from banners to posters; it all needs to be consistent.


What can you do today?


Decide how you will control your corporate image and most importantly who will control your corporate image.


There comes a time when you need to review your corporate image


Corporate images need to change. Over time they become dated, they lose their impact and to be honest they can often start to look amateurish. There is no set period of time between corporate image changes, it is more a matter of realising when the existing image has had its day and no longer truly represents the business. A lot of businesses struggle with making changes to the corporate image. There is an underlying concern that if they change their corporate image they may lose customers resistance to change or a genuine belief that their customers could go somewhere else simply because the business introduces a new logo or even a new name.


The reality is that customers like to see businesses changing their corporate image - it shows the business is innovative and keeping up with the times. It shows that the business owners are proud of their business and they are prepared to reinvest in it. I’ve not seen a new corporate image that hasn’t been a very positive step in the history of a business. A new image reinvigorates everyone - the business owners, the staff and even the customers.


It is in its own right a sign of business success.


Another common mistake I see is the business owner who has developed their own logo and corporate image on their home PC and they think it is sensational. Sure, sometimes people can develop great logos at home, but more often than not the end result is a long way from the desired professional result and the business’ corporate image is terrible.


Spend some money and get a professional logo developed, and get the right advice on the use of colours and the design of promotional material. Saving a few pounds on the design of a strong corporate image is not a smart move and in most cases, it ends up being a false economy as the business struggles to attract customers from the start. 

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