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What's On Your Bucket List?

What's On Your Bucket List?

Yesterday I watched this brilliant video by TED Speaker, Trav Bell, the self styled ‘Bucket List Guy’.

This chap is so Australian, with his well looked after physique and Mohawk hair cut but came with an important message. And it resonated with me so much that I felt I had to share it.

The average woman lives until the age of 83 and the average man lives until 79. So let’s look at this for ease of use as the age of 80. Now draw 80 blocks.

When you’ve drawn them colour in one box per year for the amount of years you’ve been alive. Here’s the scary thing…how many have you got left? How many empty blocks are there with nothing in them? You could look at this two ways. 1) Oh crap, what the hell?! Ive not got many left or 2) OK, lets see what I can fill those with!

Let’s look at number 2 as the refreshing way to balance your work life and personal life. There’s a key theory to remember going forward, that work is meant to provide the means to do be able to live. You don’t live to work. So when you settle down and start to write your bucket list, you’re working towards to fulfil those dreams and wishes.

But how do you write a bucket list? Well Trey gives us a really easy way to write one:

M – Who do you want to meet in your life?

Who is that one person you’ve always admired and wanted to see, but never got around to doing it? What would you feel like and what would that encounter mean to you and your life?

Y – Your achievements.

What would you like to achieve by the time you’re lay on your deathbed? What regrets would you have by NOT doing something or at least attempting it?

B – Buy that special something

We are living in a generation of ‘Musterbaters’. Yes ‘Musterbaters’. It’s a phrase borrowed from Any Cope and Andy Whittaker at the Art of Brilliant. It means that we have all become materialistic. We want things to prove status and prove our worth. If we ,just do that, I guess it would be worth aiming high and going for what you really want. If you want a Ferrari bad enough, you’ll find a way.

U – Ultimate challenges.

Like run the marathon…climb a mountain…skydive. Yup, ladies and gents I’m doing just that. Im going to throw myself out of a perfectly good plane at 10,000ft and hope the parachute opens…all for the MS Society in 2017.

C – Conquer a fear

If you’re afraid of spiders, pick up a spider. If you’re afraid of heights go on a plane. If you’re afraid of failing, fail. You’ll never know how much you’ll learn about yourself if you don’t.

K – Kind acts for others

Pay it forward. Sometimes the smallest act can be the biggest stepping stone for people. Buying that 99p burger for someone who’s homeless. For it’s just 99p, for them the only thing they could eat all day. An act of kindness that will give you that warm glow inside.

E – Express yourself

Want that change in hair colour? Do it. Want that earring in? Do it. Be you…not what others want you to be.

T – Take lessons

Always wanted to learn a foreign language? Do it. Always wanted to get a qualification? Go do it. Learning is growing and growing will be happiness.

L – Leave a legacy

What do you want to leave behind for your kids and family? What do you want for your community and the world that people can say, ‘YOU’ did that.

I – Idiotic stuff

Have fun. Smile and be happy.

S – Satisfy a curiosity

Always wanted to know what its like to do something? wanted a to know how something works or how something happens? Then find out.

– Travel adventures

Always wanted to go somewhere? Abroad? Then do it. If you want it enough you’ll find that way.

Be Brilliant,

Marc x

To watch the video, here’s the link :

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