BlogBlogTwo Ears. One Mouth. Use Them That Way.

Two Ears. One Mouth. Use Them That Way.

Two Ears. One Mouth. Use Them That Way.

To be good at selling any product or service you have to be good at listening

Ironically many salespeople miss the point when it comes to selling. Even more amazing are internet personalities that keep popping up on adverts and in Facebook groups that spend more time preaching rather than 'reading' what is actually happening. They feel that to be a good salesperson and to 'flog' what they've got, you have to talk a lot and you need to talk fast.

I think it is safe to say we are all over this kind of approach to selling. It just pisses people off.

To be truly good at selling you have to be good at two things. Firstly you have to be good at asking questions. But most importantly, you have to be very good at listening to the answers the customer gives. Remember the saying, “God gave you two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion.”

We have all experienced quality sales service — you get asked intelligent questions and are then informed about your options based on the information you have given. Ideally, you are then recommended a particular product or service. Perfect and really not that complicated. The ‘normal’ sales approach is to maybe ask you a token, parrot-like question ignore your answer and then go into a sales speech based on what the salesperson wants to sell not what you, the customer, want to buy.

Listening is easier said than done. For a lot of people, nerves make them talk a lot. Meeting a customer can be intimidating so they compensate by talking too fast and too much. Take a breath and get the customer to do the talking and you will be well and truly on the way to better sales performance.

If your salespeople are not good listeners, your business may be doomed to stay in the realms of mediocrity.

What can you do today?

Think about how you and your staff sell. Be a fly on the wall. Do you make the same mistakes as most salespeople? And if you do, try the new approach the next time you serve a customer or try to attract a new one. 

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