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Mastermind groups are absolutely essential to a business that wants to grow.


The benefit of 1:1 coaching with a good business coach is well documented. Results can be explosive and inspirational. But what if you’re not quite at the level of wanting a business coach or being able to afford a business coach for a period of time that suits your budget? But you still want to grow and benefit from years of experience, education, ideas and strategies that could take you to the ‘next level’? Then being part of the EXCLUSIVE Mercury Mastermind Group is the answer.


The power and necessity of Mastermind Groups have been well documented in business success stories and key business books, such as ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. Being able to benefit from the knowledge, skills and expertise of a small, exclusive group of people that all have the same vision can be inspirational as well as increase the likelihood of success within your business at a fraction of the price of a 1:1 coaching relationship.


When you take part in this Exclusive Mercury Mastermind Group for 12 months, you are very likely to have your best year ever.


This 12 Month programme is based on 11 years of research into highly effective people and top achievers and will include expert guest speakers who will share the secrets of personal and business effectiveness.


Masterminding is a creative group process that asks you to commit to actions between sessions and hold each other and yourself accountable.


“The mastermind helped me to realise and apply my ability, knowledge and develop the business potential within me”.


Past delegates all said that because they were "supported and held to account for their actions, (as they would be by a good coach), that they achieved far more than they expected to".  


This action alone will drive you towards achieving your goals and visions.


What would that mean to you, your business and to your family?


Is a Mastermind Group right for you?


· Need a “kick”, or simply need holding to account?

· Do you want to learn how an “expert” would market and grow your business?

· Do you have goals but can’t seem to see where or how to begin?

· Want to be more effective, or simply more motivated?

· Want to speak/present in public with more impact?

· Do you ever get stressed to a point that it affects your work or life?

· Relationship, rapport or communications challenges?

· Are you getting the results from networking that you deserve?

· Need bigger sales, more referrals, more customers or a bigger brand?

· Want to understand “emotional intelligence”?

· If yes to any of the above…… THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!


An ideal ‘Masterminder’ is someone who:


Is willing to invest time*, resource and energy in their development.

Appreciates that it will not be easy if it is to “stretch” you.

Clearly sees that playing small is no longer an option.

Understands the value in “credible” research based training.

Is open to new information and willing to go the extra mile.

Shares best practice in the knowledge that helping others helps themselves.

Is prepared to challenge limiting beliefs in order to grow.


The content for the Mercury Mastermind Group will include:


At every meeting you will get your chance to explore issues with the chairperson and your peers on:

Professional & Personal Goals

Sales, Marketing & Branding

Presentations & Speaking Skills

Stress Prevention / control

Emotional Intelligence, Attitude & Motivation

Networking & Referral Generation

Communications with yourself & others

Masterminding For Success

Coaching Skills

Personality & Behavioural Understanding

Expert Special Guest Speakers

Loads of FREE support included – eg: Secret Facebook Group, online presentations, audio downloads, training information, video downloads, and e-books + loads more!







Read on to learn more about the structure of the Mastermind programme.


The Mercury Mastermind Programme


Over the one year (minimum membership) you get :

6 x 1 day LIVE “mastermind” meetings where you meet with your mastermind group 930am-4pm Including Tea, Coffee, refreshments and lunch in the restaurant. (valued at £600)

To be held in Leicester, *meeting every 2 months.


6 x 1hr online group interactive sessions with Business Coach Marc Ford MBA (valued at £240)


PLUS -  6 x audio downloads of the above sessions (valued at £240)


Exclusive reports and eBooks detailing how top achievers think and behave (valued at £100 minimum)


Support Emails giving handouts and supporting literature (valued at £120)


First access to other great training and development opportunities


If all this were to be offered on an individually itemised basis, it would cost you in the region of £1200


However...I genuinely want to support your investment in your future, so the cost will only be £600**

(Monthly Installments available - See below)



MONEY BACK Guarantee: If after 4 months, (Two Meetings), you feel you are not going to get value from this Mastermind Group, you can have your money back! Simple!


Dates of 'Live' Mastermind Meetings -

(All Tuesday's)

October 9th 2018

December 11th 2018

January 16th 2018

March 2019

May 2019

July 2019


Dates of Webinars -

(All early evening)

TBC with Group



Meeting Lounge @ The Fox Pond,

(Next to the Premier Inn)

Glen Rise,





** If Paid Upfront using the 'Buy Now' facility on this website.

If you wish to pay in monthly instalments, please email: with the email title, "Mercury". This will involve £150 deposit to secure place, Plus 10 payments of £50, totalling £650, paid by standing order.



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