The Least Annoying Ways of Growing Any Business at Networking Events



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"Don't Be a Dick!" - The Least Annoying Ways of Growing Any Business at Networking Events

Getting The Right Customers and Clients for Your Business


A handy guide of quick, easy ways to grow your business at networking events without being on stage or remotely smug.



5 Huge Benefits of Networking, 13 Dont's for Networking Events, 7 Absolutely Must Do's at Networking Events


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Over the last few years of being a business coach, I've been to hundreds of business networking events. 

Spoken at many and participated in some way at almost all of them.

In the last few months, I began to notice something in networking and started to ask questions. 

I noticed that more and more people were turning up to be seen, spoke to their best mates that they always spoke to and dashed for the car before they'd finished the cup of breakfast coffee. 


So the question I began to ask was... 


"Why bloody bother?"

Why were these people wasting their time getting up early or staying late after work just to be seen at

an event?


Many of these business events I was new at and it seemed that people were forgetting they were there to network and get some return on the investment for their time


Otherwise, why bother? (Unless of course, it was to get away from the other half!)

Business networking is one of the most low-cost marketing strategies any business of any size or any niche can employ to grow their business.


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