The Customer Machine Programme



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Do you run a small business or just about to start one?


What would your business look like if you could increase your sales numbers, your profit numbers and get the RIGHT clients and customers for your business just by focusing on the things that make a real, significant difference in the next 30 days, roughly for one hour per day?


The Customer Machine Programme


There are lots of systems, products and courses that offer business owners and managers like you ‘Silver Bullets’ that will 'guarantee them making millions' within days. Here’s the news...Silver Bullets don't exist unless you believe in horror movies.


So how will this programme be any different?


It’s very simple. I'll help you hone in on the real, genuine, key elements of their business and marketing model and help them leverage those elements so that they attract the right customers and clients to their business and in turn, those evolve quickly into more sales and profits. 


I won't guarantee you making you your first million or making millions more, what I do genuinely guarantee is a better business and marketing plan in 30 days that will grow your customer and client numbers quickly and cost-effectively.


In this programme, you’ll study the same techniques, ideas, thoughts and processes that are proven by some of the world's most successful businesses and that I use with small businesses that want to grow and expand, by understanding and concentrating on the right things for their business. It doesn’t matter whether they are in retail, services, events or on the internet.


We’ll look at marketing, products, selling, customer reviews, pricing, branding and so much more. And it will only take roughly an hour a day and you’ll be on the road to a business success story.


This coaching and training would normally cost you £3000, but I’m offering it for only £49. Yes, that’s right only £49 AND a money back guarantee! This will dramatically change your business, giving you the roadmap to success. 


What The Customer Machine Programme Includes:


  • Structured activities based on the three of the most important parts of your business. You, Your Offering and Your Marketing. All aimed at honing business, marketing, product and sales planning focus in the right places. 

  • New material added every three weeks.

  • 1 time purchase, Unlimited access.

  • A full Money Back Guarantee if you feel it's added no value to your business what-so-ever

  • Email updates to NEW material as it goes live.

  • Opportunities for 1 day workshops based on the key learnings in the programme.

  • Opportunities for 1:1 coaching with Marc Ford MBA.

  • Interact and Network with the community that are on the programme with you.


What's in the Programme?


You and your business:


  • Goals, dreams and reality + 5 Chapters

  • Things to give up and start to do if you want to attract more customers + 14 Chapters

  • What do you actually do? + 2 Chapters

  • Who do you serve?

  • Building Credibility + 2 Chapters

  • Building Business Relationships + 9 Chapters

  • Your Business image + 5 Chapters

  • Being Seen in the Right Places + 3 Chapters

  • Showing Your WOW Factor + 3 Chapters

  • Keeping Ahead of the Game + 3 Chapters

  • Showing your personality


Your offering:


  • Is it what people want? + 7 Chapters

  • Your Business Model for better Sales, Clients and Customers + 7 Chapters

  • Selling your stuff at the right prices + 7 Chapters


Your marketing:


  • Getting a plan that works + 2 Chapters

  • Getting a style that attracts the right customers and clients + 9 Chapters

  • Make potential customers and clients want you + 3 Chapters

  • Testimonials and Customer service that attract + 9 Chapters

  • Become compelling for customers and clients + 3 Chapters

  • Using the media to attract customers and clients + 4 Chapters

  • Things you must do to attract customers and clients + 5 Chapters

  • Plus checklists, downloads and workbooks.


Are you ready to attract the RIGHT customers and clients to your business or do you want them to go to other people? £49 one-time payment and a MONEY BACK Guarantee. Buy it now!


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