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Are Getting Low Traffic on Your Website or Through Your Door?


How Many Are Going To Your Competitors Every Day?


After the re-release of ‘The Fresh Perspective’ Book this year, I’ve had lots of questions about getting businesses back on track or boosting a business that’s ticking along. So I've put this package together for people who were pushed for time, but wanted to take actionand get quick results, with proven, no bullshit methods.


Now before you get this, let’s tell you exactly what it does, so you know it’s right for you.


This planned for you daily action list is designed to bring in tons of new clients, customers and sales fast, helping you create effective marketing campaigns with ease, get media coverage and build, strengthen or turn your business around in 30 days or less - guaranteed.


How quickly could you grow or boost your business or launch your business if you had a 30 Day, step-by-step plan that actually looked at the stuff that mattered in the long run? Customers, clients and sales.


“Having worked closely with businesses up and down the country, we noticed that many businesses struggled to workout or focus on precisely which activities they must do ‘immediately’ to get more customers, clients or sales. So after many requests from our clients and attendees to our workshops, we’ve decided to put together this easy to follow, easy to read, easy to implement, no jargon, no bullshit 30 Day Business Plan book. Containing a series of ‘highly affordable’ strategies, tactics and proven processes, many of them FREE, that you can implement within minutes or hours of reading them. They work for any business or any service or any niche in all areas of business.”


Marc Ford MBA, The Business Life Coach.


Each day, you’ll have business and marketing strategies planned for you every day…


…That’s consecutive days of absolute focus on what you do and how you do it in your business, regardless of whether you are starting out or wanting to attractive new customers, clients and new revenue FAST.


And the great news is that you can started from day 1, building campaigns that will give you an advantage over the businesses that are coasting along and will help you attract the right customers for your business quickly.


“Back in April of this year I made a business plan for the next 12 months – I’ve already met and exceeded the targets that I set (by July). Over the years I’ve “if’d and ah’d” at getting things done, but on many occasions let things lie or opportunities drift past me…we now have one of the highest rates in our area with further increases planned for later in the year and we’ve never been busier.”    


Dave Shannon, Business Owner, Stoke.


"Having earnt an extra 5 figure sum in a short spell of time, ” I have decided (with a bit of help from my wife), that I needed to take a longer time to allow myself to relax and recharge so I am now taking a month off, including a week away on our own for the first time in 22 years.”


Gerry Petticrew, Business Owner, Gloucester


Pick up, put down, go back to it when you want to book that guides you through the Programme written by Marc Ford MBA, The Business Life Coach


That’s 30 DAYS of Business Guidance at £11.99 that works, getting your Business back on the right track, for LESS than a cup of High Street Coffee per day!


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