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The Business of Being an Entrepreneur

The Business of Being an Entrepreneur

Now before we go any further, I just want to say congratulations. Seriously.

Not on reading this, but because..well actually yes, you are reading this and that's good as well.

But mainly because you've made the decision to build a business, and that my friend, is an extremely big and very important move in today's extremely social online world that we live in and the fact is, the self employed business space offers us complete and utter justice as entrepreneurs. I mean think about it, there's no corporate red tape to bust through, there's no board members that we've got to try and impress with our latest marketing ideas or product or service models. 

The fact of the matter is when we have an idea as an entrepreneur, because it's so fast to be able to get our ideas to market, we have the ability to come up with that idea. We have the ability. It's our call to market that idea, to price it, to package it, to get it out there and to sell it. And because of all of that, we have the ability to be able to keep all those profits. 

And here's the big news if you haven't figured it out already: if you do business online, you are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your doors to business are always open and the idea of making money when you sleep is maybe not so far-fetched anymore. I tell you right now, it happens to a multitude of other entrepreneurs that are doing business successfully online as well. 

And it can happen to you too. 

However there's something we've got to understand. The entry barrier to call yourself an 'entrepreneur' is at an all-time low currently. The internet has opened up the floodgates to every Tom, Dick and Harry that wants to call themselves an entrepreneur because let's face it, when you do business online you can basically say whatever the hell you want. 

People may or may not believe you but the fact is that everyone is calling themselves an entrepreneur right now. And that's why for me, I'm the Business Life Coach. I understand my business comes down to me and me only. The success and the future of my business is all on my shoulders and I understand that I've got to ask myself a very clear question and that is "who wins?". I also understand that as passionate and determined people can be , losing sight of what really matters, their life and the balance of work and family is vitally important to a business success.

Is it passion that wins? Or is it profit? 

Because I'm going to go out on a limb and say that starting a business based solely on passion is the easiest way to fail. Ninety odd percent of businesses that are based on passion that are launched and put out there into the world to consume and discover quite frankly will fail. To be successful in today's business world, we have to have a primary profit mentality. 

That means you go into that business, you launch that product, you create and launch that service knowing that you have to make money. If you don't make money,  you will fail and that's not being a successful entrepreneur, that's being a failure of an entrepreneur. So we have to as true entrepreneurs, we've got to clue ourselves in and understand that we must be making money from our ventures. We can't start a business based purely on passion. 

We also have to understand and accept 100% that at our very core as entrepreneurs, we're nothing more than problem solvers. 

That's it. 

Really it is…

Don't get any delusions of grandeur. 

That's all you are… 

You solve people's problems and you get the opportunity to put a price tag on it, to which if you've solved that problem in a right way, they're happy to part with their hard- earned cash for. Right? 

That's honestly what it is. 

You can do it the right way or you can do it the wrong way. The right way, yes is caring, yes is having passion, but it's also about making sure that your focus is on more than just collecting another thousand Twitter followers or more than getting another pointless 5,000 Facebook likes on your business page. Because let's face it, no one's going to see 'em anyway! 

One of your focuses should be on being 'original'. Doing things your way. An original is always worth more than a copy. Copying people is weak. It's a surefire way to disaster, particularly in a new business because people will call you out. 

Imitation might be the highest form of flattery.. but it really sucks. 

So don't be lazy. Get up off your backside, come up with some great ideas, come up with great original concepts to be able to market them and then get to work and put them out into the world. Because the world will be a better place if you can build a business that you can truly, truly be proud of. And for us to be able to do that we've got to react. We've got to listen. We've got to create and we've got to innovate. In our own special little way. 

The secret is to create solutions to people's problems. That's it. And we do that by getting to know them first.

I once walked into an event where the person that met at virtually the front door told me I absolutely 100% NEEDED their advice and products. Bollocks did I! I’d just walked through the front door and was in need of a cup of tea. Was he selling tea? NO! He was selling a Done-For-You-Product. So no, I didn’t need what he wanted to sell me. I needed TEA!

So imagine a baker called “Bob”. Bob is our friend. We've got a relationship with Bob. 

We would rather walk 5 streets away and even spend a little bit more money on our daily bread to buy it from Bob than we would do to walk maybe 3 streets and buy it from our local supermarket at a bit of a discount. Why? Because we've got a relationship with Bob. He knows our name when we walk through the door, we know his name. The bread's great, don't get me wrong. It's a great product but it's the relationship that keeps us coming back to Bob over and over again. 

This type of relationship is called "P2P" or "People to People. You've heard of "B2B", business to business, "B2C", business to consumer, right? This is P2P and every blogger, every online business owner needs to start developing P2P relationships. 

The way that we do that is by knowing who our ideal customer is. In the online business world, we call it your avatar. (I always thought that was a movie with blue people in, but hey the english language changes so quickly nowadays). This is the person that you feel is the absolute perfect prospect for you and your business. For whatever it is that you are creating for them, whatever it is that you are going to be marketing to them, this is your ideal customer. You've got to understand who your avatar is. It's vital if you want to sell anything, anywhere. And to do that, here's a little exercise for you. 

First of all, give your avatar a name. 

Give them an actual name. 

Pick whether they are going to be a lady or a gent and then give them a name. 

Give them an age, give them a city. 

Include details in regards to their career, situations that they are currently in as well as one big problem that they're experiencing currently. 

Then it's up to you to solve that problem. 

That's it. 

It's up to you as the entrepreneur that you are. That you are living and breathing to become. It's up to you to solve that problem and like I said earlier on, when we do that well enough we are blessed with the opportunity to put a price tag on the solution to that problem and that's when you start really truly building the business of you. 

And I believe when you build the business of you, it's a 100% original. There's no competition out there. 

So my friend…time to get on with it…don’t you agree?

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