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Hey there and welcome to YOUR Best Business Secrets Diary for this year.

Some of the biggest thing and entrepreneur can do is write down what works, and remind themselves of what doesn't. Know what they did last year and remind themselves of what they need to do this year. Plan for the futrure and learn from the past.

But we are human and all have meories with a lot of 'stuff' in them. We can only hold so much befor our minds get full...unless of course you are lucky enough to have a photographic memory.

So the way I've put this desktop, or in your bag diary together is for you to be able to look at things instantly, keep yourself on track against your own goals, remind you of what works PLUS I'll throw in a few bits of ideas and thoughts to keep you going through the next 12 months.

We have these 6 main sections...

Your Thoughts for the Month

This is me writing to you and giving you a little bit of a fresh perspective on the month ahead. You don't have to do any of these, but it's my way of encouraging you throughout the year, to have your best year ever.

Day by Day Diary

Pretty obvious really. The months are blank, so it doesn't matter when you start this, you have enough room for each month.


Your Numbers

I'd like to say this obvious, but you do really need to know your numbers. I have met many business owners that don't know what their profit and loss statement looks like. They don't know how many leads it takes to get a sale. And they don't know how much repeat business they get every year or month.

So I'm going to challenge you every month to write some numbers down and check on your own progress against your goals for the year.

Monthly Tasks

Everyone has tasks every month. Some they do. Some they forget about and wish they'd then done them earlier when the pressure is on. Alongside each task is a score for importance and desirability. This will help you prioritise them. Get the horrible ones done first (or out-source them), and leave the more pleasurable ones till later.

Social Media Monitor

Track what you are posting, where and what the response was. Over the year, you'll get a full picture of exactly what your audience likes to read and hear from you. 

Do more of what they want and less of what they don't. Simple!

The Best and The Worst

These are the reminders of what happens in your month. Something you can look back on, (hopefully with pride), as you go through the year. Celebrate the wins and remind yourself of how you dealt with the harder stuff.


Other sections...

Public Dates

Remind yourself of public holidays. This will help you plan sales, marketing and staffing accordingly.

Business Dates

I've also put theses in here as a different entity. The reason being is that some businesses don't fit into the usual public holiday's or dates criteria. An accountant probably wouldn't do a "Valentine's Special Offer", although stranger things have happened.

This is so that businesses can look to local or national events that may want to take part in. Business Expo's, Shows or Special Weeks like Mental Health Week, etc...

There is always an opportunity to be a part of something, so research and review.

Personal SWOT

When was the last time reviewed your personal strengths and weaknesses? What is the plan to grow YOU over the next 12 months. Write down what you are learning about yourself and most importantly, be honest.

Business SWOT

I'm amazed at how many businesses 'think' they know what their competitors do. What they sell. How they market. How they 'do' business. They don't. Looking at a business website tells you very little. This is the space to pit your business against your competition and take those learnings and better!


Goals for the Year

How do you know where you are going without a destination?

Simple question, right? But...I'm always stunned that some businesses actually don't know where they are going over the next 12 months and then wonder why the piggy bank is bare when they want a holiday or pay their tax bill.

Let's write them down and we'll keep a check on them throught the year.

So, let's get this started....


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