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Simple Questions To Put Your Business Back Together

Simple Questions To Put Your Business Back Together

There are many experts, me included that write about and talk about how you come up with an image or a brand or how you differentiate yourself from other businesses that maybe similar to yours. There are probably as many experts as there are businesses. 

In fact a startling statistic is that the self employed arena is getting harder to settle down. According to the BBC Radio 4 series, ‘A New Workplace’ almost half of all jobs created since the crash of 2008,  are self employed ones. That’s nearly 500,000 more self employed people and new businesses than there were 7 years ago.

Now what you’ve already been given maybe making your head spin or whizz. I understand that. But you have no idea how important all this stuff is. People can stumble upon many things, but a good image and how it’s portrayed is not one of them. It takes time and a thought process. You want people to buy from you. You want people to come to you. Some marketing feels so unbelievably desirable that you just can’t wait to pull out your credit card and make a purchase. 

Smart marketers know and understand how to find that unique style that connects their target market and drives them to action. 

The question is; how do you find a style that suits your personality, business and your customers? 

This is a simple task to get you thinking...

Answer the following questions on your business and this will not only assist you in finding your unique style, it will also help you in establishing a ‘style guide’ for your business overall. This means that every time you send out a marketing campaign, take a telephone call, speak from stage, market online you refer back to the core styles that your business possess. 
This kind of consistency across the board is what makes a winning business profitable. 

Answer these questions:

If my business were a person, what kind of person would it be? 

What kind of personality would it possess? 

How would it engage with others? 

What would its top 3 brand values be? (i.e. what does it stand for?)

What would its top 3 personality traits be? (i.e. fun, quirky, humorous etc.)

Putting a personality to your business means that your communication style and the way you talk to your potential clients and customers, becomes unique to that of others and more appealing.
Take Virgin as an example. Virgin is fun, adventurous and cost saving.

Businesses that suffer from lack of cash flow, typically do so because their message isn't unique or memorable.  
It is also worth mentioning here that slogans and brand values aren't just for big business either.
When applied to even the smallest of businesses, the way their prospective market perceives them suddenly shifts. It's this shift in perception that can be in many instances what a business needs for it to turn around.  

Many in their rush to make money will try Facebook and other advertising options, thereby wasting thousands, but without this core aspect successfully put in place, it doesn't matter how much you market and spend, it won't get you the optimal result you desire unless it's clear and memorable.  

So 'WHAT' does your business stand for?

Define it to 3 top brand values only, such as; 'Entrepreneurial, Engaging, Effective'  

Now it's your turn... 

Brand Value #1:

Brand Value #2:

Brand Value #3:

Write these in big letters and stick them to your desk. Be sure to include emotions within the top 3 brand values.

Because people buy feelings by purchasing a particular product or service that makes them feel a certain way, i.e. L'Oreal, “Because you’re worth it!”

Whenever you send out marketing material, your material must reflect these 3 core values and, even more importantly, these values must be communicated via the use of a slogan used to represent your business as a whole.

What can you do today?

Do what we’ve just talked about and work towards helping you create a strong consistent message across the board. 

With consistency comes trust which equals higher conversion rates and increased sales in your business. 

Not to mention, potential clients and customers remembering precisely who you are and what you stand for and why you're different.  

Once you have your list, turn it into a reality and introduce these new ideas into your business.

This was a short extract from Marc's book, "The FRESH Perspective: A FRESH Look at Your Business", 5 Star Amazon Rated, Available here: CLICK HERE

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