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Code: 20th March 2018

Do you sell products or services?

Do you wish you could sell more of the higher priced items without the fear of people always saying 'no'?

If you have to tender for a contract, what are the key things you are looking for to get a 'YES' from the other business?

What are the golden rules that everyone should follow when it comes to getting potential customers and clients to say 'YES' to you and your business?



In this EXCLUSIVE Event, (ONLY 10 places available), Marc Ford, ('The Best Kept Business Secret'), Business Coach, Media Contributor and Author with Martyn Sloman, (The 'Yes' Man), Sales Trainer and Speaker will help you build, mould and deploy a sales process that will work for you and your company.


In this event for only 10 people, Marc and Martyn will help you:



Get a sales process in place that works for you

Get a sales process in place that you are comfortable with

Get a sales process that reduces the chances of potential customers and clients saying "NO"

Get a sales process that increases the chances of people saying "YES"

Understanding why people say "No" and how to deal with it

Knowing how to write a tender or work with that mentality when comes to sales meetings



The event runs from 930am and runs to 530pm on Tuesday 20th March 2018.

It will include a sit-down hot lunch in the Restaraunt with both trainers, a sit-down supper with both trainers after the event, tea, coffee and refreshments.


All training materials provided.


(Should you not attend the event or cancel, within 14 days of the event, there is a No-Refund Policy in place)

Only 10 Places available and Early-Bird Deals finish Friday Feb 9th 2018 at 11.59pm

Usual ticket price £149.00


Your Trainers:




Marc's background is setting him on the path to becoming one the UK's 'Best Kept Business Secret's':


  • Author of 4 Books and hundreds of small business blogs.
  • Creator of the 'Customer Machine', helping businesses attract their ideal customers and clients and keep them.
  • Presenter and writer of 'The Best Kept Business Secret' Podcast on iTunes
  • Presenter and writer of 'The Not So Small Business Brunch' Radio Show
  • Contributor and go-to expert on all things 'SME' with BBC TV, Radio, Local Radio, Channel 4 and various other news outlets.



His 20-year involvement in retail, retail management to director level as well as starting, running and selling his own successful business over a 5 year period has resulted in:


  • Increasing sales and profits for companies between 10-24% in less than a year.
  • Presenting to and training businesses such as Hitachi Capital and Mercedes Benz.
  • Helping SME's grow beyond their 3-year plans in 12 months and 5 years inside in 2 years.
  • Helping grow business from 'low 5 figure businesses' to 'high 6 figure businesses'.



He became a business coach because he was passionate about helping business owners become the best versions of themselves and helping their businesses become the very best that they could be.

His no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point style makes him very different to people who tell you what you want to hear. It's as-it-is.

He's been hired by Hitachi Capital, Mercedes Benz and will be working with other major brands this year that he wants to work with, making him one of the UK's 'Best Kept Business Secret's' by design.






Martyn's background is setting him on the path to becoming one of the UK's #1 Sales Trainers:



  • Author of over 80 sales blogs
  • Creator of 111 “1 Thing at 1” sales tips videos. No one else in the UK has this much-varied sales video content!
  • Sales Media Communication: Interviewed on business programming, radio and podcasts; (and then getting immediately re-invited - something the station had never done before!)



His 26-year involvement in sales & people development has resulted in: 



  • Branch managers being promoted throughout the branch networks.
  • Helping “medium market” businesses to achieve “major market” performances.

He became a sales trainer to combine the love of getting people to say “yes” to their own sales potential and becoming as successful as he had been in selling and beyond.
His 'non-pushy' yet agile and focused approach is perfect for today’s buyer - the majority who are sick of feeling sold to. 
He is hired and consistently re-hired by SMEs as well as brands such as Danone & Brandon Tool Hire due to his crazily high level of engagement and after sales service which is unattainable by the vast majority of sales trainers.




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