BlogBlogNotebooks - The Secret Weapon for Business Success

Notebooks - The Secret Weapon for Business Success

Notebooks - The Secret Weapon for Business Success

Keep a notepad in your pocket. Simple. It could be the secret weapon in making your business a success.


Successful business entrepreneurs and owners tend to be very good observers. They have a thirst for knowledge and they are always looking for ways to make their business run better. Whenever they deal with another business they are often evaluating the service they are getting and looking for ideas they can use. The hard part can be remembering all of the good things observed.


As a budding entrepreneur and business owner of the next big thing, (see how confident in you I am?), you need to become an observer. Every interaction could possibly contain some valuable idea that you could use to make your business more profitable. However, it is easy to forget your observations in the course of a busy day.


If you keep a notepad handy you’ll find it takes only a second to jot down a couple of notes for later reference. I do this a lot and subsequently, I have notepads all over the place - in my car, on my bedside table, around the house, in my man bag - I always carry one with me. This may be a bit of overkill for some, but I have so many things going around in my mind that if I don’t write things down it is easy for me to forget them.


I find that when I’m driving, especially long distances, I have this amazing influx of good ideas and I need to write them down then and there. Of course, this means I am forever pulling over to write notes, but it doesn’t bother me for a second because, by the time I arrive at my destination, I have a pile of new inspirational ideas that can be used in my business or by my clients to make their businesses more profitable.


I have friends who keep small tape recorders in their pockets for the same reason (at least that’s what they tell me). Whenever they have a thought they simply pull out the recorder and tape a message to themselves. Many mobile phones have this capacity as well, but the amount of recording time on them is quite limited at present.


To make your business as successful as it can be, be prepared to become an observer of every other business you deal with, from the local news agency to your bank. Look out for good ideas that you can use in your business.


What can you do today?


Buy yourself some notepads and leave them in readily accessible spots.


Alternatively, buy yourself a mini recorder. Start to become an observer. Observe the brilliant and observe the poor. Implement the brilliant and remind yourself to never do the poor.


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