BlogBlogKFC Boldly Go...Backwards!

KFC Boldly Go...Backwards!

KFC Boldly Go...Backwards!

Yay! Common sense has prevailed! Well at least partly.

Sky News: “KFC Goes Back to Old Supplier...”

The brains behind one of the biggest business embarrassments of 2018 have made the decision that going for the cheapest contract wasn’t really a good idea. The problems at DHL’s Rugby branch for the rollout of the KFC contract were both delivery and comedy gold. A warehouse FULL of chicken and restaurants with none. You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

The great news for all parties concerned is that KFC themselves came out of it all with some marketing credit, due to their tongue in cheek apology. They didn’t hide behind faceless PR people when it came to admitting they had ‘FCK’d up. Unusually they were the bigger man in the situation. (Amazing how many corporate bosses would have blamed everything on everyone else!) I personally think that DHL bosses should have all come out and addressed the press wearing chicken costumes whilst being forced to tell “Why did the chicken cross the road?” jokes to complete their humiliation of such an inept handling of a contract.

Rumours and counter-rumours all came out of DHL themselves. They were unprepared. The software hadn’t been tested. They hadn’t tested whether they could cope with the demands on day 1. No phased takeovers. Inexperienced managers straight out of their mother's wombs handling this multi-million-pound contract. All of it a bit of a mess and more than a chickens egg on someone’s face.

So KFC has made a brave decision. Going back to the company that was probably the smuggest of smug people in when the chicken s@@t hit the fan.

Bidvest logistics were undone by the underbid of DHL and perhaps it’s reputation. But as we’ve all seen in the past week or so, being big certainly doesn’t mean you’re the best. Perhaps KFC got what they paid for...people running around like headless chickens...if that’s the case, it serves you right. But people should congratulate the management on making a positive decision, even if it is a decision to retreat slightly. 

Well done Bidvest for being professional throughout. It would have been very, very easy for you to have got press throughout the chaos. You stayed quiet. And perhaps you’ve been rewarded. Now...”You know that ‘valued’ client you speak about? Value them so much, they won’t leave you again....”

Is this a brave step backwards?

What was your opinion of how KFC and DHL handled the problems?

Would love to know your thoughts...

Story available at Sky News:…/kfc-goes-back-to-old-supplier-after-r…

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