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Get Miserable and Become Brilliant

Get Miserable and Become Brilliant

Ideas come from the strangest places…

I only want to talk to people that want a ‘great career’. Not to people that want a ‘good career’. Because we’ve all been designed and modified into thinking that we all want a good job or a good career. We’ve been bought up by mummy and daddy to get a ‘good career’. Christ that’s boring!

What we really need is passion. Real passion for something. Passion is born out of some of the darkest places in our lives and can go onto brighten everyone elses. Passion for something shines through the bluff and the bluster and passion can be seen as a desperation to make things work no matter what.

KFC was born out of places doing really bad chicken, Coca Cola was born out of a failed headache treatment, bubble wrap was originally designed as trendy new style of wallpaper, the pacemaker was originally a heart recording device and no company wanted to licence the Dyson cleaner. (Seriously!)

All have gone on to be rather successful, don’t you think? The point to this blog is that at times of failure or despair, us brilliant humans have some of the most inspirational if not bizarre ideas. And some of those ideas have gone on to be complete belters, earning thousands if not millions of £’s for the pain and the trouble.

I’m lucky in my position, in that i get to help businesses come up with crazy arsed ideas that come off. I also get to hear of some crazy arsed ideas that might just work and are quite exciting!

I’m in that position right now, where someone I know has become very excited about an idea born out of a low point in their life. But it’s a actually quite brilliant. I know that they are more than capable of delivering the idea as a start up and going onto grow it, and I know that I will give them as much support as I can, and it will be quite simply brilliant.

On the flip side I have a client who only 7 months ago had to part company from their existing partners because they didn’t share the same vision or goals for the business. Since then, they have gone onto develop some products and services that now mean they are actively getting a slice of £109 million budget to provide those products and services to the general public. All this coming from a business that turned over £50k last year.

They were on a low, they had been told in no uncertain terms that their idea was wrong, ridiculous and it was easier to take the shortcuts. Those same people are now crawling back as my client goes from strength to strength, driven by a low point in their life.

The point being, no matter how low your work / life gets, there’s a brilliant idea around the corner. You never know where it’s coming from. It seems that in this life we only talk about the successes and the big wins. Perhaps people should talk more about their failures and disappointments so that the light bulb moment happens. That left field, (never understood that phrase…why not a a right field?), idea that for no particular reason pops into your head and excites you. It allows that passion to come out…and passion in what you believe, drives the success you gain.

Be Brilliant,

Marc x

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