BlogBlog9 Reasons You Should Look After You and Success Will Follow

9 Reasons You Should Look After You and Success Will Follow

9 Reasons You Should Look After You and Success Will Follow

Today marks the start of Men's Health Week 2017. Started on 2002, celebrated in June and always ending on Fathers Day, it promotes "Awareness - Prevention - Education - Family". From a personal point of view, this seems as good a time as any to start something different and help the success of your business. Why?


Well from my own story, it would have ben this time last year when I broke down. Mentally and then physically. I write this as I continue to rebuild me. It's important I'm honest with you, otherwise you'll think this is just a bit of blurb written to cash in on an important week. Well my friend, it's a blog written from the perspective of someone that broke down after spinning too many plates, not looking after himself, stretching himslef too far and burning himself the f@@k out.


So why does physical health have any relevance to business? You're probably saying, "I don't have any major health issues."


OK, so here are some 9 stats for you...For every 10 Senior Managers in a business...


  • 9 are already feeling the effects of burnout to some degree...
  • 8 are failing to prioritise healthy behaviours in their profesiional and personal lives
  • 7 are disengaged, or acfively disengaged, meaning that only three are functuioning effectively in their roles
  • 6 are taking time off work or are avoiding things for stress related reasons
  • 5 say that stress is damaging relationships with colleagues and clients
  • 4 lose sleep worrying about work, and will want to leave the business in the next two years
  • 3 (and climbing) are overweight or obese
  • 2 havent had a medical examination or seen a doctor in the last five years, and
  • 1 will die form a stroke, heart attack or cancer due to work related stress...


...not only that but on average two key employees at your business will leave, because the competition has better benefits. Which means you'll spend a shed load of money and nine months of wasted 'downtime', rebuilding and finding a suitable replacement.*


Bloody hell. Why would you want to run your own business or be senior in the team with figures like that? Yet we do it anyway, because it's the way we've ALWAYS done it. So I've saught out some help personally. And this comes in the form of an excellent, if not slightly overcomplicated book called "The Wealthy Body in Business" by Tim Bean and Annie Laing.


The book digs deep in to fitness, nutrition, pyschology, hormones and moods to help you make some changes to your day-to-day work / life balance to make you and your business healthier for all. Why am I doing it?


Well after last year, things needed to change. After last week, (when I hit 43), it's about time I looked to making it to 44. (Small goals eh?) But following some of the things in this book, (and these stats are taken from the Institute of Physique Management client data, harvested over 15 years of detailed physical assessment records, medical records, interviews, surveys and research.), that for every 10 Senior Managers who follow the Wealthy Body Protocols:


  • 9 manage their stress more effectively and have energy to spare at the end of the day
  • 8 enjoy a more satisfying work / life balance
  • 7 successfully lose weight, get fit and reducetheir risk of illness and disease
  • 6 sleep better and say they are more refreshed when they wake up in the morning
  • 5 reduce their alcohol intake and caffeine dependence
  • 4 improve their mental agility, clarity and resilience
  • 3 increase their capacity for current workload demands
  • 2 take on more senior and vsible roles in business and 
  • 1 will imporve their golf swing and be longer of the tee...(I think thats because they can move better to be honest!)


So this week, in a world where business people are 'busting their balls' to be successful by selling more, working out the 'next big thing' or 'being more of a cut throat bastard' than they were last week, try to put some focus on you as the biggest assett in your business. Take some time to look after you. Take some time to nurture you. Take the time to give yourself a 'health check' as opposed to the constatnt measuring of your business. If you look after the companies biggest assett, (you), then success will surely follow.



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1 year, 3 months ago.

Ian Green's reply...

Don't forget your mental health as well

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