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8  Reasons To Take Time Off

8 Reasons To Take Time Off

Here we are, racing toward the end of the first  month of the year and Christmas seems like an age away. For me it’s been a month of self discovery, rebuilding and putting one foot in front of the other. A hugely important, rewarding, frightening and humbling time for me.


I’ve been taking a few days out, in a place thats pretty isolated where I can walk and experience new things as well as doing some work and coaching in the morning.  It’s been an enjoyable work / balance thing, but I also know it can’t last...the few days that is.


I’ve also be using some of the time to think about new business ideas and plans for the next 12 months. Fresh air will do that for you, along with the quietness away from city life and everyday bustle. 


Taking a few days off s ‘me time’ is something I’m aiming to do every month. I’m going to ensure there is some space and time in my diary for taking time out to just “be” every week; even if it’s a few hours into the evening.


I know many people see taking regular time out as a bit of a luxury. Especially when we live in a world that is in a permanent state of ‘busyness’. The feeling of not enough time to do everything can feel overwhelming and let’s it face it…the world will carry on without us…even for a few days.



But what if taking time out is an important and valuable part of creating the results you really want in your life and business?


When your schedule is jam packed consistently, with no time and space to just think and take a step back, it can hold you back from creating new and better results. It reduces quality of life. It creates feelings of being overwhelmed and it is easy to feel like you are constantly living in stress mode. This can lead to other issues, such as depression and anxiety. With 1 in 4 people in the UK struggling with a mental health issue, overworking can be a key contributory factor in this decline and so taking some time away from the ‘firing line’ is part of the solution to keeping you and your business running.


The benefits, for you and your business, of having regular time and space out from the day to day noise and hoopla are many.


Here are a few examples of some of the benefits of taking time out:


1. Helps with creating new ideas and finding creative solutions

2. Boosts personal effectiveness, productivity and time management.

3. Improves quality of decision making.

4. Reduces stress and feeling overwhelmed.

5. Increases quality of life and feelings of wellbeing.

6. Creates space for creating new and better results.

7. Improves quality of relationships.

8. Allows space for creating change.


This list could go on and on.


You might feel you have too much on to be taking time out. But I invite you to explore the possibility that taking time out is not a luxury but an important part of creating the life and business you really want. No-one starts a business to become a slave to it.


Start looking for ways to create time and space to just “be” and think. If it feels like a massive task right now, just look for taking a small step.


You might find that setting the same time and day each week will help you to make it part of your regular routine.


Challenge yourself to find a way to take some time out. Commit to finding a way to make taking some time out each and every week, month and year part of your life and business routine.


Oh and have some stimulating fun whilst doing it!

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