BlogBlog33,000 People Hit The Benefits Jackpot and The Other 50+Million Don’t

33,000 People Hit The Benefits Jackpot and The Other 50+Million Don’t

33,000 People Hit The Benefits Jackpot and The Other 50+Million Don’t

What’s a positive heading? I bet my critics are reading this article going “Oh yes, we got the old Marc again and he is a negative sod”.  Well it’s true! I’ve come to realise that when it comes to Brilliant Business People I am nothing but positive and encouraging and when it comes to negative people – I am nothing but negative and “No Way”. Seriously, I can no longer do with people who don’t WANT IT enough, or WANT SOMEONE ELSE to do it for you. And if that’s you…stop reading this now and go read a newspaper instead.

I was meeting an awesome friend / client of mine the other day and I saw this great headline newspaper photo that I uploaded straight to Facebook.  It became incredibly popular, it was shared and because quite a focal discussion point.

Including myself – people were fed up and sick with people taking advantage of the welfare and social systems in the UK.  To emphasise my point here, almost everyone I know is pro-welfare (I give plenty to charity and donate my time!).

As this post continued, it was shared multiple times and you could see the frustration and borderline hatred come out against people who are lazy and just ripping off the system.  I think it’s great thing when this frustration comes out as “Hard Work” and “Fair Pay” and people are really protesting against working values and people just taking advantage of the system.  Yes, we love helping Single Mothers, Injured and Long-Term Poverty Stricken – true people who need a hand, but we are all drawing the line at people that just enjoy living off others. What I don’t appreciate is the element that throw racism into the mix. You can also stop reading here too. Go read the Daily Mail and enjoy that.

Bringing this blog more to a Small Business and Entrepreneur respect we see this all the time.  Fortunately most people are totally brilliant and work hard and as business owners I would argue the opposite – most aren’t paid fairly for the work they do. I even came from and industry that is under paid for the hard work, dedication and care they take in doing what they do.

Then you get some people out there that are really out for a laugh at our expense.  These are the type of people that say you charge really unreasonable prices, use people for free and play people off against each other just trying to screw honest hard-working people out of the money that they deserve.  I have seen this myself first hand – business people who expect a free meal, expect everything for nothing, want to charge top rates – but pay / do nothing in return.  Fortunately I won’t deal with many of these scum-bags, but I have had a few lately to contend with for sure.

This is actually quite against so many peoples values and the evidence that I wish to provide is that they go against our own visions of what people should think.  Regardless of the motives being fear that is manifesting as laziness, greed or even just being “vague” on what they are doing – people are assessed on their actions ultimately.

I do not like getting up at 5AM in the morning and if I have a cold and I have to be all bright eyed and bushy tailed for a Networking Event – I will make myself do it! Why? Because I want to make sure I am in the zone to help others, create a compelling experience and also continue building my business by marketing it.

Talking pure Marketing, Business and Making Money – being lazy is one of the worst “Marketing Strategies” ever.  Sure, you may be able to lie to people for a month or two – but these people often don’t last years long, being revealed and generating a really bad word of mouth (meaning they don’t get many if at all any ongoing referrals). The opposite is so true too! One of my clients is the poster boy for this post, they network like hell but deliver great value for their customers and clients. My advice and learning’s from all this?

If you are a “Bit Lazy” then may I invite you to change that behaviour.  Figure out why you are a “Bit Lazy” get motivated and get focused.  This may be tweaking your business to make it more interesting, outsourcing what you don’t like and really focusing on your goals and what you want in life.  It could be a great reason to get yourself a Business Coach of some form or whatever floats your boat.

If you are hard-working already – please keep that up and make sure you communicate to your clients how hardworking you are! If you are say charging £3,000 for something and it takes you 20 hours of time to earn that – then tell people exactly what it takes so they know they are getting a great deal.  It’s a great way of doing great work, being rewarded and getting awesome word-of-mouth and referrals.  As you get better, your reputation goes up, sure you can charge more but you still deserve the fine premiums you are earning.

Until next time,

Be Brilliant,

Marc x

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